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At Flint River Family Medicine, our goal is to provide quality, evidence based medical care for the entire family, from babies to the elderly.  We strive to be a source of information and support to help you take the best care you can of the earthly body you’ve been given.  While you are ultimately responsible for your healthcare, we want to be a knowledgeable resource for you throughout your life through the practice of evidence based medicine.

We believe Evidence Based Medicine has 3 components

  1. Current medical literature

  2. Physician’s personal experiences

  3. Goals, preferences, and expectations of the patient

Our job is to combine these 3 components to help you make informed decisions about your health, and use them as a guide when treating acute or chronic illnesses.  


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Full Practice

It is truly amazing how quickly our practice has grown in just a few short years.  We have been so blessed to be able to meet so many interesting people and to be able to provide them with quality medical care.  We believe in what we are doing and try to do it to the best of our ability to provide a great patient experience.  However, there is a limit to the number of people we are able to care for and truthfully we have reached that limit.  Due to out commitment to providing quality medical care to our existing patients and families we are unable to accept anymore new patients.  As Huntsville and the surrounding communities continue to grow we hope that more quality physicians will be drawn to this area and help alleviate the current shortage of primary care physicians.  

We will try to stay informed about any new practices that out accepting new patients.

Thank you for understanding.

Our Doctors
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Justin Pruitt, DO, MS

Board Certified in Family Medicine

Our Staff



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Medical Assistant
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